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Smart home automatization designed for visually impaired people.
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Hear it is dedicated to facilitating the everyday lives of visually impaired people. Our devices give you precise information about the current state of your home through voice notifications.
A reliable operation is ensured. Setup is quick and easy. Your data is secured. There is no energy consumption. The device's response time is fast.
Security, privacy, and absolute peace of mind – Hear It has it all.
Our goal is visually impaired people to feel safe and in control of their home.

Smart Plug

You are able to hear the plugged-in device and always receive a voice notification to inform you on the current status of you home appliances.
Whenever and wherever you are, you can hear through a voice message what is happening in your home. The feeling of insecurity from not knowing whether you have tuned off you device will go instantly away. From now on, you can take a breath of relief, because you will hear your home.
Furthermore, you can hear how much is you are consuming for each device and the electric bill will no longer be a surprise.


  • Plug it in power.
  • Get voice notifications whenever and wherever you want about your electric appliances.
  • Done! Simple and fast!

Why you want it?

  • Control anytime, anywhere hearing it.
  • Security.
  • Save on electricity.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.
You deserve a home where you feel in control!
Other devices coming soon.

Set Up

Create a profile.
Order the base station and the plug.
Plug the base station into power outlet, router and speaker.
The base station will say an activation code that you have to write in the web application.

Add a device

Chose "add device" on the web application.
Plug the plug into power.
It is that easy and simple.

Online access

Responsive Progressive Web application compatible with any kind of screen reader.
Implements all of the requirements of WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application Suite of Web Standards).
Installation requirements
Internet access: cable, Wi-Fi or mobile data for online access.
A speaker with a 3,5-inch jack.

Software Academy for the Blind

Inspired by the success of our project, we decided to try experimental training for blind programmers. The training will be based on the same technologies used in our project.
You will receive the full description of the training as well as contacts for enrollment at the following link :
At the moment, the training is planned to be remote and completely free (for now only in Bulgarian)


We speak English, German and Bulgarian.